Model: Starlight XL 星光 Animated: v3
Most cute cartoon blonde girl character, Photo, full length, watercolor painting, Happy, Cartoon disney, Pastel, Bright
Negative prompt:
text, bad anatomy, poorly drawn face, long neck, worst quality, extra digit, signature, missing limb, mutated hands and fingers, blurry, fewer digits, watermark, poorly drawn hands, disfigured, cropped, out of frame, out of focus, malformed hands, floating limbs, ugly, blur, long body, extra limb, mutated, disconnected limbs, low res, mutation, bad hands, normal quality, error, missing fingers, Deformed, jpeg artifacts, username, low quality, 3 legs, 3 arms, cry
Steps: 40
Cfg scale: 7.0
Width: 512
Height: 912
Sampler name: Euler a
Denoising strength: Default
Image with seed 672146744 by preset 'Girl Cartoon'
ID: 7159987390540996609

Seed: 672146744

Added: 2024-02-04 19:13:40 UTC


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Image with seed 1744894579 by preset 'Girl Cartoon'
ID: 7159971163424374785

Seed: 1744894579

Added: 2024-02-04 18:09:11 UTC


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Image with seed 2594938683 by preset 'Girl Cartoon'
ID: 7159970852897673217

Seed: 2594938683

Added: 2024-02-04 18:07:57 UTC


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Image with seed 1052174209 by preset 'Girl Cartoon'
ID: 7159970126399574017

Seed: 1052174209

Added: 2024-02-04 18:05:03 UTC


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Image with seed 3349940905 by preset 'Girl Cartoon'
ID: 7159969915280375809

Seed: 3349940905

Added: 2024-02-04 18:04:13 UTC


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Image with seed 605617902 by preset 'Girl Cartoon'
ID: 7159968524792066049

Seed: 605617902

Added: 2024-02-04 17:58:42 UTC


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              body = {"preset_name": "Girl Cartoon", "seed": None }
headers = {"Token": "<YOUR_API_KEY>"}

# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

preset_name = body.get("preset_name")

import time
import requests

if not preset_name:
    print("Please, enter a 'preset_name' variable to start the generation process ;)")

url = ""
session = requests.Session()
response =, json=body, headers=headers).json()
# {
#     "success": true,
#     "task_id": "7133745436839378945",
#     "preset_name": "preset-1",
#     "seed": null
# }
task_id = response.get("task_id")
if task_id:
    print(f"Request to generate AI image based on the preset `{preset_name}` "
          f"was created successfully. Task ID: `{task_id}`")
    new_response = {}
    new_response = response

status = None
while not status == "GENERATED" and task_id:
    print("Getting latest image generating status from the server...")
    new_response = session.get(url, params={"task_id": task_id}, headers=headers).json()
    status = new_response.get("status")
    print(f"...status: {status}")
    if status == "ERROR" or not status:

if status == "GENERATED":
    print(f"Yohoo! Image was successfully generated. You can download it from here:"
          f" {new_response.get('image_url')}")
    print(f"Error occurred when trying to generate image. Response: {new_response}")

# {
#     "success": true,
#     "task_id": "7133745436839378945",
#     "status": "GENERATED",
#     "image_url": ""
# }


curl -H 'TOKEN: <YOUR_API_KEY>' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"preset_name": "Girl Cartoon"}'


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