Model: MiaModel - SFW & NSFW SDXL: v3.0
In a sunlit studio space adorned with splashes of color and creative chaos, an exquisite indonesian 18-year-old girl ((painting:1.2)) with effortless grace. Her beauty transcends as sunlight plays upon her features, framing her in an ethereal glow. With delicate strokes, she brings life to a canvas stretched before her, each brushstroke a meticulous dance of expression. Her intense gaze reflects passion and determination, echoing the masterpiece in progress, as if she breathes life into the artwork with each stroke. <lora:3D_Animation_Style:1>
Negative prompt:
Steps: 50
Cfg scale: 5.0
Width: 512
Height: 912
Sampler name: Euler a
Denoising strength: Default
Image with seed 2311483710 by preset 'Painting Girl'
ID: 7142450345334870017

Seed: 2311483710

Added: 2023-12-18 09:47:42 UTC


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Image with seed 3878523943 by preset 'Painting Girl'
ID: 7142449838363885569

Seed: 3878523943

Added: 2023-12-18 09:45:41 UTC


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              body = {"preset_name": "Painting Girl", "seed": None }
headers = {"Token": "<YOUR_API_KEY>"}

# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

preset_name = body.get("preset_name")

import time
import requests

if not preset_name:
    print("Please, enter a 'preset_name' variable to start the generation process ;)")

url = ""
session = requests.Session()
response =, json=body, headers=headers).json()
# {
#     "success": true,
#     "task_id": "7133745436839378945",
#     "preset_name": "preset-1",
#     "seed": null
# }
task_id = response.get("task_id")
if task_id:
    print(f"Request to generate AI image based on the preset `{preset_name}` "
          f"was created successfully. Task ID: `{task_id}`")
    new_response = {}
    new_response = response

status = None
while not status == "GENERATED" and task_id:
    print("Getting latest image generating status from the server...")
    new_response = session.get(url, params={"task_id": task_id}, headers=headers).json()
    status = new_response.get("status")
    print(f"...status: {status}")
    if status == "ERROR" or not status:

if status == "GENERATED":
    print(f"Yohoo! Image was successfully generated. You can download it from here:"
          f" {new_response.get('image_url')}")
    print(f"Error occurred when trying to generate image. Response: {new_response}")

# {
#     "success": true,
#     "task_id": "7133745436839378945",
#     "status": "GENERATED",
#     "image_url": ""
# }


curl -H 'TOKEN: <YOUR_API_KEY>' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"preset_name": "Painting Girl"}'


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