Model: GalaxyTimeMachine's GTM "XLPlus": XLPLus v2.0
A captivating naked portrait of an 18-year-old girl with silver hair and enchanting light blue eyes. The delicate strands of silver hair frame her face, and the soft, natural light accentuates the subtle hues of blue in her eyes. The overall composition radiates a sense of purity and tranquility. Lying down with one arm extended overhead. Vibrant fields of flowers in bloom. Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L USM lens at f/2.0, ISO 100, 1/200s nsfw
Negative prompt:
Steps: 60
Cfg scale: 5.0
Width: 512
Height: 912
Sampler name: DPM++ 2M Karras
Denoising strength: Default
Image with seed 2916450071 by preset 'preset-x1'
ID: 7143833952959062017

Seed: 2916450071

Added: 2023-12-22 05:25:40 UTC


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Image with seed 3468296518 by preset 'preset-x1'
ID: 7142415920478478337

Seed: 3468296518

Added: 2023-12-18 07:30:55 UTC


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Image with seed 3958876107 by preset 'preset-x1'
ID: 7140517061132914689

Seed: 3958876107

Added: 2023-12-13 01:45:31 UTC


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              body = {"preset_name": "preset-x1", "seed": None }
headers = {"Token": "<YOUR_API_KEY>"}

# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

preset_name = body.get("preset_name")

import time
import requests

if not preset_name:
    print("Please, enter a 'preset_name' variable to start the generation process ;)")

url = ""
session = requests.Session()
response =, json=body, headers=headers).json()
# {
#     "success": true,
#     "task_id": "7133745436839378945",
#     "preset_name": "preset-1",
#     "seed": null
# }
task_id = response.get("task_id")
if task_id:
    print(f"Request to generate AI image based on the preset `{preset_name}` "
          f"was created successfully. Task ID: `{task_id}`")
    new_response = {}
    new_response = response

status = None
while not status == "GENERATED" and task_id:
    print("Getting latest image generating status from the server...")
    new_response = session.get(url, params={"task_id": task_id}, headers=headers).json()
    status = new_response.get("status")
    print(f"...status: {status}")
    if status == "ERROR" or not status:

if status == "GENERATED":
    print(f"Yohoo! Image was successfully generated. You can download it from here:"
          f" {new_response.get('image_url')}")
    print(f"Error occurred when trying to generate image. Response: {new_response}")

# {
#     "success": true,
#     "task_id": "7133745436839378945",
#     "status": "GENERATED",
#     "image_url": ""
# }


curl -H 'TOKEN: <YOUR_API_KEY>' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"preset_name": "preset-x1"}'


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